noswot - notes and other stuff web of trust
Welcome to noswot. The vision here is to see what becomes possible when we can trust strangers on the internet.

Hypothesis: A web of trust algorithm that is comprehensive, and can run entirely client-side, will enable a range and volume of activity that the world has never seen.

This trial tests the algorithm in a database web application that gathers follows and reports, then calculates trust scorings from every known perspective every 24-48 hours.
How to use:
  • 1. Enter an npub or hex pubkey to view scores from an account's perspective.
  • 2. Click Your network to view scores under your perspective.
  • 3. Click Pleb mode to find accounts many pages into the ranking. These accounts may not be frequent posters but they will have many follows from accounts in your network.
  • 4. Click Random to view scores from a random perspective.
Noswot's algorithm is based on a version of Freenet's web of trust. We score each perspective from scratch every 24-48 hours. In this algorithm, influence falls-off exponentially with distance. Follows and reports from accounts with negative scores have no influence. We score a follow as +100 and a report as -100.
Why use noswot:
  • 1. Find interesting accounts.
  • 2. Test to uncover problems with this algorithm.
  • 3. Decide whether to contribute or integrate the algorithm into your project.
  • * Everything is preliminary and a work-in-progress. While it's usable to find new accounts to follow the main goal of running this is to let you evaluate the accuracy and utility of this approach. Please file bugs here.
  • * There are gaps in the data. Some accounts haven't updated their contact lists since we started and also we may have missed some reports.
  • * Scoring is different from every perspective. There is no such thing as an objective score under this algorithm. If you don't have a nostr account, you will need to choose someone else's perspective.
  • * The profile page was created to help us navigate the graph without copying and pasting. It only connects to a single relay (the user's favorite if we could figure it out). If you run into any issues, look at the account in another client then file a bug if it seems like it should work.